Excellence depends on great people. NoBug prides itself upon continually recruiting and maintaining the most qualified personnel available.

NoBug’s teams work closely with clients, bringing a fundamental commitment to bottom-line results. Teams are comprised of experts specific to each assignment, thereby supporting the high-tech designs of tomorrow, including:

  • High-level modeling
  • System level simulation
  • Architecture and partitioning
  • RTL coding
  • Synthesis and timing analysis

The design, testing, verification and consulting services we offer result in a tangible increase in quality and consistent reduction of time-to-market for integrated circuits intended for the data, telecommunications, image and video device, and fiber optic component markets

We coordinate our projects with an emphasis on optimal utilization of resources, resulting in maximal levels of efficiency. We expose our engineers of all levels to difficult projects, allowing them to rapidly gain experience and provide the client with effective solutions. Guided by senior design, verification and formal verification engineers, our teams utilize cutting-edge tools and methodologies to achieve performance.

We are the solution and partner a client can rely on.

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